Ricardo Cobos

Broker in Charge

8th Day Realty Group

About Ricardo Cobos

With a real estate background since 1996, Ricardo obtained his broker's license in 2015 and excelled in his market by assisting investors. He has become a preferred Realtor in the Raleigh-Cary region for real estate investors seeking wealth growth. Ricardo's comprehensive service and industry knowledge have earned him a reputation for delivering results to experienced investors. He also provides expert guidance to prospective buyers in the mortgage industry.

 Ricardo's focus is on effective communication and skilled negotiation on behalf of his clients. When listing properties, he leverages technology to maximize exposure. He customizes his approach to match clients' preferences and goals, incorporating branded walk-through videos and drone work for an immersive experience. Beyond his work, Ricardo actively supports his community through church involvement, charitable causes, and local events.

Ricardo Cobos finds great satisfaction in helping clients generate lasting wealth through real estate transactions, serving as a trusted advisor in their journey.


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